Today we would like to share our review of Randy’s Black Label Cleaner. With the no frills label this cleaner is often overlooked.

Getting the best water pipe cleaner can save you a lot of money on cleaning products. When I use to use a cheap cleaning products I have to use so much more to clean my the water pipe. Having a clean pipe is important. The cleaner the pipe, the better your glass piece will hit. When you smoke through a glass bowl that’s full of resin, you’re missing out on all the delicious flavors weed has to offer.

Cleaning your glass can be a pain if you don’t have the right materials. While isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) and salt make for an effective mixture, it can take a while to get your glass clean. Smoking pipe cleaners are exactly what you need to restore your pipe to its original glory. Of course, no one wants to spend a lot of money on cleaners that are ineffective.

Randy’s Black Label cleaner is one of those 1 minute soak solutions that lives up to its claim. It has a salt-like texture that helps loosen the resin build-up, no matter how thick the layers are. It’s definitely one of my favorite glass cleaners, if not the best cleaner we have used. The smell is strong but is not terrible (after all it is a cleaner) and it rinses out of your glass pipes very easily. I like that after using this pipe cleaner, my water pipes and pipes look like the day I got them because of Randy’s.

Randy’s Black Label cleaner is so easy to use. I just pour it in or on whatever I need cleaned, and swirl it around.  The more I swirl and shake the cleaner it gets. In about a minute and a good rinsing the glass always seems to come out new looking again with minimal effort no matter how dirty your glass is. My friends are always amazing at how fast it works and how good the glass looks.