Galaxy Vaporizer by Kandypens

Wax pens have been all the rage. The KandyPens Galaxy is one of them that seems to raise the bar in many areas snd one big one being the atomizer. We are glad to get a chance to review the Galaxy for you.

Initial Thoughts & Build Quality

When I first opened the box and was presented with a nice case to hold the Galaxy. The build quality of the battery, pen and atomizer at first look are very nice. The complete Galaxy is heavy in the hand. The sparkle paint job also give it a nice effect and sets it aside from other vaporizers and the donuts version. Right down to the small K that is used for the on and off switch and the goto to change the heat settings. The button is backlit by one of three colors being red, green or blue depending on the setting you choose. The Galaxy and the Donuts are basically the same unit putting aside the paint job and the included atomizer. The length of the Galaxy measures about 5 inches. There are four parts that make up the Galaxy which are the battery, atomizer, chamber connector and the mouthpiece. All the parts under a close view look high quality.

Charging the Galaxy

Once I unpacked the Galaxy and plugged it in I charged the unit overnight to be sure it was at full charge for my testing of the unit. Charging is the same as most pen vaporizers out there being you use the included USB to 510 charge cable.

The Atomizer & Using the Galaxy

The Galaxy Vaporizer uses a quartz crystal rod dual-coil design within a quartz crystal-lined chamber. Kandypens is the first to use this in pen style vaporizers as we have seen them in desktops already. The reason they use the quartz over the traditional chambers is the taste. The quartz crystal is pure and more so than the ceramic or fiber wicks we all have seen. With the ceramic or fiber there is always a residual that is left behind which you will be able to taste the next time you use the unit.

Using the atomizer I noticed right away the cleanliness of the taste. The atomizer was still hard to load as it was just deep enough that even with the included stir tool and the stickiness of the wax. If the wax was not from the freezer it was near impossible to get onto the coils. Once it was there though it was worth it and the taste was pure. And it seems to be the case session after session as there is no residue. Even though used it always seems to taste like the first time. I did have to work with the stir tool to keep it on the coil to get the best vapor.

On a side note you can get replacement atomizers for the Galaxy for about $20 US.

The Battery – Temperature Control

The Galaxy is turned on by the normal 5 clicks of the K control button. By default the Galaxy is set to 350° which is demonstrated by the K showing red once turned on. In order to toggle through the temperature settings you would push the K 3 times. The K will cycle through different colors of which each color represents a different temperature. Below I have listed the temps that are associated with each color. The higher the temperature the faster your product will burn and the thicker your clouds.

  • Red – 350°
  • Green – 390°
  • Blue – 430°

Other variable vaporizers I have used are dials and are variable where this unit calls theirs temperature control. Same end result but it seems maybe you could be limited to the 3 settings where variable you can fine tune. Just a thought. But, addressing the Galaxy the three setting work well and my preference was the Green setting.

Battery Life

I got 4 sessions out of the Galaxies battery before I had to recharge it. I did though forget to turn it off each time. I will have to see if this give me longer battery life on the next round and will update here.

Final Thoughts

I like the Galaxy by Kandypens. It is priced comparable to other pens in the high-end range. With the clean taste due to the quartz atomizer it makes every experience a new one. Other pens start to taste dirty and I did not have this with the Kandypens Galaxy. This pen performs on a high level and has a great build quality. I like the battery and temp settings but not over the dial a temp for my personal use. I wish it was easier to get the wax into the atomizer but this is an issue with wax in general due to how sticky it it but the deepness of the chamber made it hard to get it to the coils and if on the sides was hard to move down. With the lifetime warranty this is a great buy. I would recommend the Galaxy by Kandypens and look forward to more products from this company.