The Crafty vaporizer may be one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. The German engineers sure seem to put out some great vaporizers at Storz & Bickel and the Crafty is no exception. Here is our experience.

The Unboxing

The packaging for the Crafty vaporizer is well thought out and very easy to open. Similar to opening an Apple product. You can make sure you are receiving a new unit because all the Storz & Bickel products are sealed.

The Crafty Vaporizer

The body of the Crafty vaporizer is a flat black plastic. The Crafty uses a tasteful use of plastic as the external finned housing and cooling unit. I would have preferred a more premium material in place of the plastic but it does not seem to be in the places that you would not want it to be. Many are concerned the plastic may become brittle in the thin areas after dozens of cycles of heating and cooling. I have been using the Crafty for over a year and I can say it looks as new as the day I opened it.

The tapered shape makes the Crafty easy to hold onto. The wide end (where the heater is located) has raised ridges. These ridges provide a solid grip on the when on the go and keep the non-oven parts of the vaporizer cooler, and keep your hands from touching the hot parts of the vaporizer. The break in the ridges in the middle of the Crafty are added to keep the battery as cool as possible as heat can be detrimental for battery life.

It is very easy to access the heating chamber of the crafty. The top easily twists off and is easy to load and to check your material. Many vapes these days make it hard to visually see the material but this is not the case with the crafty. There is even a built in stir tool to mix your material mid bowl.

The Crafty uses a Micro USB cable. This can be good on the go as you can charge with a computer. Just do not forget your cable! Although if you do they are easily found in most drug stores around the country now.

When holding the Crafty in your hand you know you have a substantial vaporizer. It is not bulky but you know every square inch has something to do with the vaporization process. They wider part of the body contains the battery. While other reviewers claim to only get about 45 minutes of battery life I have been getting more like 1 hour 15 minutes. So, still pretty good for a portable. The crafty will auto turn off if not used for 10 minutes. This helps keep battery life and you vaping on the go.

The removable top of the Crafty os designed to help cool the vapor down from the heating chamber oven to the mouthpiece. Inside are channels that cool the vapor quite well. After long sessions I never had the mouthpiece get hot on me. I like how the mouthpiece rotates around so that you can make it more compact on the go. The top is very easy to remove and can easily be done without looking.

The Crafty is very easy to fill. It comes with it’s own filling aid. Although at first I did not use this I soon realized it was an amazing add on to the Crafty. It allows you to fill the Crafty without the need to touch the herb. It attaches to the Crafty in place of the cooling top. The filling aid measures out the best amount of herb for the chamber and allows you to carry extra and load on the go.

The power button and indicator lights are easily located. They are on the bottom of the unit. Opposite the on and off button is the charging port and protecting the charge port is a poker stir tool. The power button has a nice rubbery feel to it and when you push it you know it has been engaged because you can feel it click. Surrounding the power button are two LED indicator lights. They display red, green and blue to indicate the heater and battery status. This is nice if you do not have your phone handy as this info is also available from the app.

The battery is charged through the micro USB port on the bottom of the Crafty. A nice feature not true of many portable vapes on the market the Crafty can be used while it is charging but to do this it does require a charge of at least 20%.

Vapor Quality

The Crafty produced excellent vapor on the go. On the lower temperatures you could really taste the herbs you are vaporizing while producing a lighter vapor. On the higher temperatures I was able to produce bigger clouds but the taste was not as good and you exhausted the bowl quicker. The quality of the vapor will compete with many desktop vaporizers proving it is a portable powerhouse. I find that slow long draws produce the best vapor with the Crafty. There are few portables that we have tested that keep up with the Crafty in portability, discretion or ease or use.

The Crafty App

The Crafty App works quite well. Once set you do not need the app all the time but is a great way to monitor the Crafty with precision. The app can be used to do the following.

  • Adjust the standard and boost temperature
  • Adjust LED intensity
  • Toggle charging LED
  • Toggle Crafty vibration
  • Toggle smartphone vibration
  • Toggle smartphone audio alert

The app is very intuitive. From the home screen you can access the temperature. On the bottom of the app you will find Settings (this is where you can personalize your Crafty experience), info about the device and then a tab called information in which you can access any of the manuals or info pertaining to the Crafty vaporizer. Storz and Bickel made it very easy and put a lot of thought into the app.


Having used the Crafty for about a year now I find that cleaning it right after a session makes maintenance almost non-existant. I just dump out the duff while the chamber is hot. I found that if I left the material in the chamber and let it cool that I have more work to do when it came time to clean it.


The Crafty has turned into me goto portable for my sports. The small size and also the fact I can attach tubing to it and have it in my pack or inner pocket. With the smartphone app I can monitor the Crafty no matter where it is. If you require more battery life you should consider the Mighty as it has double the battery. Although I find the hour fifteen I got out of the unit to be sufficient on the go and with the ability to charge almost anywhere and with my computer and the USB charge cord.


The price of the Crafty is on the higher end of portable vaporizers but rivals many desktop vapes. The fact you can also use it while it is plugged in makes it so that it can be your only vaporizer. This unit is well worth the cost and the value it puts on your health.